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StaniKrum Daily!

The place to worship the hotness that is Stanislav Ianevski!

Stanislav Ianevski Daily
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stanislav ianevski
This is a community to talk about Stanislav Ianevski the actor who was cast as Goblet of Fire Durmstrang champion Viktor Krum. Post anything you want here, just as long as it has to do with Stanislav Ianevski!

Community Rules:
No advertising other communities without approval from either mod. If you don't do these you will be warned, and then your post deleted.

- Please put your best effort into spelling and grammar. That is, no netspeak, no TyPiNg LiKe ThIs, etc. If it's a mistake no worries, we all make them.

- ABSOLUTELY NO DIRECT-LINKING in this community. You MUST upload that photo to webspace you maintain or have permission to use before posting to the community. You may post a text link to an offsite photo if you don't have a personal webspace.

- No more than one photo outside a cut tag. All photos with a dimension wider or taller than 500 pixels should go behind a cut tag. To create a cut tag, type: [lj-cut text="text for your link"], replacing [] with <>.

- Please show courtesy and respect to all posters. Members shown to be rude will be given one warning, and then banned upon second occurance.

-Icons and other graphics welcome! The Maker can decide on the rules for their own work.

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Moderators are: gippaloo*community creator* and glitterbubbles

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